What’s New?

09/16/12 – Version 2.4 [Lite & Full Version]

– Fixed a force close issue related with the Ad service (Lite)
– Layout tweaks
– Added new section: school (you can find calculators in the main tab)
– Fixed a few database typos (please e-mail if you find more)
– More RSS feeds and heart/lung sounds available. (Lite)
– Supports ICS

05/08/12 – Version 2.3 [Lite & Full Version]
– Added Blood Types (Donor/Recipient) under Assessment & Charting
– Updated Ads on Lite Version
– Decreased time for checking internet connection when Mini Nurse is checking for updates

02/19/12 – Version 2.2.1 [Lite & Full Version]
– Fixed FC issues with some phones; there was a problem reading the database
– Skills FC issue should be fixed in Full Version

01/29/12 – Version 2.2 [Lite & Full version]
– Tweaked layout for conversions; please report if any other issues and what device you are using
– Fixed prefixes; definitions should correctly be paired with the terms
– Upgraded database
– Fixed a FC issue when viewing online scores for Med Calculation
– Added APGAR calculator; located under Assessments & Charting

08/27/11 – Version 2.1.1 [Lite]
– Application should no longer hang on the loading screen

08/25/11 – Version 2.1 [Lite/Donate]
– Added Glasgow Coma Scale calculator to Assessments and Charting
– Added 16 medical facts to the database
– Moved lung and heart sounds to Assessments and Charting
– Updated resource list [menu >> about from any tab]
– Fixed an issue where users get a Force Close when opening the app [Lite version]
– Fixed an issue when loading scores for Game mode
– Be sure to check out the website for responses to your comments in the Android Market!

08/21/11 – Version 2.0.1 [Lite Version]
– Fixed a force close issue when trying to load Lung/Heart sounds

08/21/11 – Version 2.0
– Layout adjustments: able to view application in landscape mode; tablet friendly
– Added 9 abbreviations to the database: CHI, Dx, BAL, ARDS, R/T, AP, CRF, MN, & JV
– Added 2 terms to the database (donate version): hyper/hyposmotic
– Added 3 suffixes to the database: -globin, -ion, & -genic
– Added 1 prefix to the database: -thorac(o)

– Fixed HIPPA typo; changed to HIPAA
– Added AMA to abbreviation list

05/23/11 – Versions 1.8.3
– Fixed YouTube video links under skills section
– Minor layout changes — landscape mode will soon be added

04/14/11 – Lite Version 1.8.12
– Added a back button on updates screen
– Fixed a few bugs
– Ads should be working now

– Added the following to the abbreviation list: URI, USN, ut., UVL, V, vag, VCS, VCU, Vd, VD, VG, VHD, VI, V.I., TU, SR, IVC, Inj., AMS, CPR, FS, SSC, DCIS, QOL, ESPF, HL, CA
– Added the following to the prefix list: chondr-
– Added the following to the suffix list: -clast, -morph
– Thanks to all of you who submitted these terms. Keep them coming to help improve Mini Nurse!


03/15/11 /> – Fixed a typo for one of the questions/answers for the Respiratory quiz.

02/27/11 – Version 1.8.1
– Added over 100 abbreviations
– Added review and test questions for: hematology/immunde disorders, respiratory system, and endocrine system
– Tweaked layout for skills so smaller screens can see youtube link
– Updated typo in Vital Signs skill
– Fixed # of question select. Only one option should be pickable now (donate version)

02/13/11 – Version 1.8
– Added BMI calculator
– Fixed force close issue when going to Charting & Assessment
– Tweaked viewing for Hypo Vs. Hyperglycemia

– Added signs & symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia – located under Assessments & Charting
– Added SOA, HS, and NKDA to abbreviation list

– Added Mini Mental Status Exam located under Assessments and Charting on Home menu
– Text in Calculator menu now loads up the calculator
– Added UTI to abbreviations and Ptosis to definition.


– Added aa, ABG, ANCC, CNS, CAPD, CC, CPK, ESRD, and IOP to Abbreviations.
– Added exudate, leukocyte, leukocytosis, phagocytosis, virulence, and anphylactic shock to Terminology (donate version)

10/12/10 – Lite: v1.6.5 | Donate: v1.5
– Added Do Not Crush Medication List: located in MISC tab
– If you’re experiencing a FORCE CLOSE, try a MANUAL UPDATE found in the MENU from the HOME tab

– Added WBC, RDW, and RBC normal lab values
– If you’re experiencing a FORCE CLOSE when loading lab values, med facts, terminology, or suffix/prefix lists please do a MANUAL UPDATE by pressing MENU from the HOME SCREEN, and then by selectingManual Update.
– Also, please rate and comment on the Android market. It should take less than a minute to do. Thank you!

– Fixed typo under lab values. PT, PTT, and Pulse rate should now show the correct value.

09/28/10 – Lite: v1.6.4 | Donate: v1.4
– Moved Conversion calculator from main screen menu to Calc Tab
– Updated Review Section: Now has Game Mode, and Review Mode. Press the “i” for information about each mode.
– Added Med Calculation game mode
– Added the solution to med calculations under Review Mode
– Can review correct answer for medical abbreviations/terms under Review Mode

– Added alternate definitions for RUL, RLL, LUL, LLL, IVP, PT
– Added lab values for Ammonia
– Added 7 med facts

09/15/10 – Lite: v1.6.3 | Donate: v1.3
– Added 15 med terms words (Donate version)
– Added cranial nerves – mneumonics and functions: located under misc
– Can now choose how many questions for Med Calculation quiz  (Donate version)
– Added 1 news feed from Kaiser
– Added 7 Abbreviations: COPD, PET, SPECT, IICP, c/o, s/s, dz

09/08/10 – Lite: v1.6.2 | Donate: v1.2
– Fixed a Force Close issue when pressing in an open area under the Review section

09/07/10 – Lite: v1.6.1 | Donate: v1.1
– Updated layout: touching a text link now turns white
– Added 5 heart sounds to Lite Version
– Added 14 heart sounds to Donate Version
– Added 2 RSS feeds to Lite Version
– Added 5 RSS feeds to Donate Version

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